2-session coaching

2-session coaching

How does it work?

In two sessions you will work on your coach question. It’s and efficient, focussed and cost-effective way to get yourself moving! The first session will focus on ‘What do I want?’, the second session will focus on ‘Taking the first step’. In between you will work on a homework assignment. When you leave the second session you will have a comprehensive plan to reach your goal(s), and be off to a bright start!

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Session 1 - What do I want?

During the first session we will clarify your goals in just 60 minutes. The goal of this session is for you to formulate one or more goals using the ‘S.M.A.R.T.I.’ template: specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, time bound, and inspiring. We will work on questions like: What is the underlying reason for your coach question? What do you really want or need? What is your objective? You will organize your goals so they are easier to achieve!


In the homework assignment you will make an actionplan to achieve your goal(s). Working back from your goal(s), you will break down the process of achieving them into smaller steps. Then you will specify the specific actions required to progress at each step. This will be the backbone of your actionplan, a map to reach your goal(s) one step at a time!

The homework might also include other assignments tailored to your coach question and goals.

Session 2 - Taking the first step

During the second session we will discuss your homework assignments, including your actionplan. We will bring focus to the first step you need to take towards your goal(s). You will choose the right moment for this first step (and put it in your planner!), and determine what and who you need to take this step. We will also discuss potential pitfalls, and how you will overcome them, so your new plan is off to a successful start.

After just 60 minutes, with your actionplan in hand, you will be ready to make your ambitions come true!

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