Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about workshops or presentations

You can find general information on the rates and the content of workshops and presentations on my website

For more information please contact me.

What is the content of the coaching program?

The content is based on your personal and specific question, challenge, or obstacle. You are in charge of the content, I am in charge of the process. The full coaching program consists of three stages: ‘Who am I?’, ‘What do I want, and what can I do?’, and ‘Taking action’. These stages will offer you a scaffold to work towards personal growth. Eventually this will allow you to answer your own question, take on the challenge, or overcome the obstacle.

During 2-session coaching the questions ‘What do I want’ and ‘Taking the first step’ will be the main focus.

How many sessions does a coaching program have?

Each coaching program starts with a free intake session, to determine whether we are a good match. The coaching program itself consists of 8 sessions.

2-session coaching has no intake, and cosists of two sessions.

How long does a coaching session last?

The intake will take 30 minutes. The coaching sessions in the coaching program will take 90 minutes.

Sessions in the 2-session coaching program will take 60 mimutes.

Where do coaching sessions take place?

Depending on your choice: in a professional coaching room in the Utrecht area, or via Skype.

Do you work outside of office hours?

I offer coaching during office hours, and during the evenings and weekends. Availability during evenings and weekends is limited. For more information on availability, please contact me.

How much does a coaching program cost?

This depends on your PhD year. Please check out the rates for coaching, or contact me for more information or reduced rates for eCoaching via Skype.

How did you determine the rates for coaching?

The costs for 8 sessions of 90 minutes are equal to 25% of your vacation allowance. Therefore the rate for 4th year PhD candidates is higher, and the rate for 1st year PhD candidates is lower. In this way, coaching is affordable for all PhD candidates!


How often will I have a coaching session with you?

This depends on your wishes and our respective availability. Once every two weeks is recommended, to allow enough time between sessions for reflection and home work assignments. Ultimately, the frequency of the sessions is based on your wishes and needs.

Can we meet before I decide to hire you as a coach?

For the full coaching program we will have a free, online, 30 minute intake.This is an important and integral part of this program.The purpose of the intake is for you to determine whether I am the right coach for you, since we will be working together for a few months.

There is no intake for the 2-session coaching, as is fitting with the efficient set-up of this program.

You can also meet me at one of these events, or check out my introduction video on YouTube .


What is the difference between 2-session coaching and the full coaching program?

2-session coaching is more efficient and focussed. A full coaching program is more in-depth and comprehensive.



Do you coach people who are not PhD candidates?

My specialty is coaching PhD candidates. If you believe I might be the right coach for you, even though you are not a PhD candidate, please contact me. I will be happy to discuss with you whether I think I could be of service to you.

How long have you been a coach?

I decided to become a PhD coach in 2017. I have been working as a coach since October 2017, and CDr Coaching launched on January 1st 2018.

Do you have the proper training to be a coach?

I have two important credentials as a PhD coach. I received my doctorate from Utrecht University in 2016, and I am certified as a professional coach by Balansgroep.

Why did you decide to become a coach?

I chose to become a PhD coach because I want to support PhD candidates who are struggling with issues of motivation and wellbeing. Check out the full story here.

Can you guarantee that my problem will be solved by the end of the coaching program?

No, I can not. I can guarantee to offer you a structured, safe, and supportive environment to work on personal growth. You need to use this space to answer your own question, take up your own challenge, and overcome your own obstacles.

In which languages do you offer coaching?

I offer coaching in Dutch and English. Dutch is my native language, I am fluent in English.

Why is your website in English, when you offer coaching in the Netherlands?

I offer coaching to PhD candidates living in the Netherlands. They can be either Dutch natives or foreigners. All PhD candidates in the Netherlands need to master the English language for their work, but foreign PhD candidates do not necessarily need the Dutch language. Therefore, I chose to set up the website in English. However, I am a native Dutch speaker.

My question is not in this list

If you are looking for general information, rates for coaching, information about me, my view on coaching, events I will attend, or testimonials check out my home page. For more in depth information you can read about the coaching program, or read my blog. You can also contact me, and I will answer any questions you might have.