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Natalia Bielczyk, PhD
Owner Welcome Solutions

Career development outside academia by Welcome Solutions

Are you a researcher considering a career switch towards industry?

Welcome Solutions is a company offering independent intensive career events for researchers, both on-site (currently, in Amsterdam) and online. Workshops by Welcome Solutions combine comprehensive knowledge about the job market for PhDs with self-discovery exercise. The company does its own R&D based on networking, field research, and psychometrics combined with machine learning.

The coach takes and individual approach to every courses participant—the participants receive a set of homework assignments followed by an individual online career consultancy session. This additional 1-1 meeting aims to discuss the personal progress after the course and to prepare a personal strategy for the job application process together.

The main content creator and coach is Natalia Bielczyk, PhD in Computational Neuroscience. Natalia authored the book “What Is out There For Me? The Landscape of Post-PhD Career Tracks.” She has many years of experience with career advisory for early career researchers as well as a broad personal network in industry.

Welcome Solutions also offers career orientation coaching services to researchers. The coaching program is prepared on an individual basis; the optimal approach is proposed based on the informational interview.

Welcome Solutions and CDr Coaching are partnering. Contact me to receive a discount code!