Welcome to my blog! I write about the PhD experience, with a focus on topics related to PhD training in the Netherlands.

Advice to myself before starting grad school

What do I wish I could have told myself before starting grad school? What advice would I give my younger self, looking for a PhD position in 2010?  Which experience-based recommendations would have benefitted me? I wrote them all down! Until a time-machine is...

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Combat stress with the peak-end rule

This blog will help you to turn your stressful PhD experience into a happier one. Instead of remembering difficult situations and the associated negative emotions, you will remember pleasant moments and positive feelings. To achieve this, it is enough to...

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Coping with chronic stress 101

Last January 25th I attended the symposium ‘Keeping sane during your PhD. What can you do? What can UU do?’ at Utrecht University (UU)*. The symposium  was organized in response to recent findings that PhD candidates at the UU and other Dutch universities...

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Dutch PhD candidates need intrinsic motivation

Do you remember the moment you fell in love with science? Maybe you spoke with a teacher, read a book, or saw a SciFi movie? Maybe you already knew you wanted to become a scientist at a young age, or maybe you only considered the option after your...

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